Book Coaching & Ghostwriting

Book Coaching

Many people get stuck when they try to write. They may not know where to start. They may have great ideas, but not know how to organize them into a coherent structure. They may know what they want to write, but not know how to write it well. Portland can help.

She works with first-time writers as well as the more skilled, focusing on topics such as personal growth, dating and relationships, natural health and wellness, alternative and complementary medicine, psychology, spirituality, the healing arts, and the fine arts.

As a seasoned writer, Portland can help you:

  • Clarify your concept, title, readership, and other important aspects of your article, book, etc.
  • Structure your book in an engaging way.
  • Develop the self-confidence to write and finish your book.

I loved working with Portland on my eBook, Find Real Love After 40. She immediately made me feel at ease. As a writing coach and editor, she’s all of these things: professional, fun, thorough, intuitive, detail-oriented, dedicated, and patient. Portland’s a gifted writer who knows how to help writers not only clarify their thoughts, but also find and express their own voice. I recommend her wholeheartedly!

Jennifer Wexler

Author of Find Real Love After 40: Jennifer Wexler’s 4 Secrets to Boost Your Confidence and Attract Lasting Love


Some people don’t have the time, bandwidth, or skills to write their own book. Perhaps you’re looking for someone to interview you, capture your unique voice, and write your book for you. Portland’s a gifted storyteller who’s written for a variety of clients like Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health and for life coaches, therapists, healers, and health experts in private practice. Her fees range from $.50 to $1.00/word, depending on the complexity of the material and the amount of research and interviews required.

I refer clients to Portland because I know what a great help she’s been to me on the media side of things. I also know what a great writer she is. I’ve seen her take writing that was poorly organized and confusing and turn it into a beautifully told story with inspiring action steps for readers.

Lisa Tener

Creativity expert, book coach, and author of The Joy of Writing Journal